A pioneer and innovator of the scene, Madam Zu has enjoyed tremendous success and an enviable reputation worldwide.
She has a distinctive style and sought after sound, and has the god given talent of turning a dancefloor, into a sweaty, euphoric, mass!!
Music styles played:
Drum ‘n’ bass / Breaks
Hard Dance / Hard House / Techno / Trance / Nrg / Acid / Retro / Old Skool
DJ mixes by Madam Zu can be found at

Madam Zu began her DJing career in the early 1990’s at the famous “Sterns Night Club” in Worthing, UK.
She also began promoting partys herself in Cornwall, UK.
During 1997 Madam Zu (supported by the NSPCC) - was a Youth facilitator for Rave/Dance and took part in giving youngsters an insight into the skills of DJ/Mixing..

1998 saw her successfully complete the final exams of a 2 year Media and Sound Engineering course - she also produced her first record release “Medussa” on MOM Recordings - this track had airplay on various radio stations including Kiss FM London, UK.

In 1999 Madam Zu wrote for various underground music magazines such as “Eternity” and “Implant”.
The end of 1999 saw her and Jon Does production of “999 Matrix / The Red Pill” on Mohawk Recordings 9 -being officially chosen as the Hard House “Single of the Month” in “WAX Magazine” - January 2000 issue. It was also voted within the top three best tunes of the year in the Energy UK s Readers Poll 2000.

2000 also saw her have six more successful releases on NILE, Mohawk and Aztec Records.
Madam Zu became owner label manager for NILE Records UK in 2001 - she also produced more tracks for Mohawk Records, Aztec Records , Lotek, Audio Rehab and for NILE.

2002 and 2003 saw her touring extensively worldwide again and producing more tracks on NILE.

2004 Madam Zu toured North America for the ninth year in a row and had four releases on major UK record labels (see the list below) -

“Fierce” ChrisC & Madam Zu meet Ben Kaye - 2004 TIDY TRAX
“Rock The Target” ChrisC & Madam Zu meet Ben Kaye - 2004 SYNAPSE (TIDY TRAX)
“Keep Jumpin Ya Bastards” ChrisC & Madam Zu meet Ben Kaye - 2004 NUKLUEZ
“Face Down…” Sebenelli & Oddbod - Madam Zu remix - 2004 TIDY TRAX

2005 & 2006 has seen Madam Zu continue to tour the UK & abroad for the 15th year in a row!

…. Watch this space ….